Righting the Ship

The act of reversing a capsized vessel is called righting.

This title came to mind when I opened this document and started typing because it came on the heels of ‘catching up’ in my HabitShare app. I’ve lost some discipline in that app, and the habits that I track in there. Overall I’m sitting around 69%, with this habit in particular down around 16%. In fact, I didn’t blog at all in June except for this entry. And ironically, my last blog post I talked about creating motion.

So I wouldn’t see I’m capsized, or upside-down, but getting into that motion is key. You sort of get ‘addicted to winning’. I’ve been watching the series Formula 1: Drive to Survive on Netflix, and you see that theme coming up over-and-over. It’s certainly the epicenter of all sports, the underdog mentality, finding that winning formula.


That’s really what it comes down to is time. Red Bull won a series of World Series in Formula 1 but then was ousted by Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, who won something like six titles. But looking at the standings now, it’s Red Bull that’s back on top. Locking and preserving such success is a hard feat in such a competitive sport.

My friend refers to it as “the game within the game”. We play pickle-ball – which I know will make some of you laugh coming off the heals of a Formula 1 analogy – but it’s true when you get down by 3 or 4 points in a race to 11 points to get yourself back in and win is a true mental game. A physical component, but you have to believe if you work a process you can win.

Long serve, long return. Push the net, get it over the net, go for the back hand. Don’t get cute.

In some areas I’m feeling a bit stuck, in other areas I’m seeing some good motion. Just got the tires put on the motorbike (not sure why I led with that), things are really picking up in my career, finances are cruising (at least the investments, the budget discipline is a work in progress), some good traction on the church side, we are getting the family thing figured out. Just looking at the order I listed those is interesting.

The stuck areas -> relationships, house purchase. To list a couple.

Most of it is out of my control but what I can focus on is what I can control. Like blogging!

This is my current desktop background. Sometimes I change my background and the theme on my phone just to ‘shake it up’. Photo courtesy of WallpaperFlare