I find I often try to re-invent the wheel.

But I’m slowly learning it’s easier just to develop a template once, a formula, and then reuse it when a similar situation popped up.

About a year-and-a-half ago my wife and I came to a crossroads. We needed some change. We had been living in a three bedroom townhouse for almost five years, and we were debating whether to 1) sell it and move out or 2) rent it out and move out or 3) continue living there,

We kicked around various options, asked people (mentors) in our life.

Then one day we decided, let’s start with Option 1. If we get a good offer, sell it. If we don’t, move to Option 2. And then after that, Option 3. Rather than debating the merits of the choices – all of which are valid, btw – just start working your way through them.

We ended up selling, moving to Calgary, and getting pregnant just over a month later. There is some irony there as one of the driving reasons for moving out of the townhouse was our difficulty getting (and staying) pregnant, and the emotion that comes from not filling up the rooms in the house. The two bedroom condo we moved into we quickly outgrew when the baby arrived.

Now we find ourselves in the opposite position -> we are back in Airdrie, renting a house now. And we are trying to decide do we 1) continue renting, 2) buy the house we are renting or 3) buy a different house. I suppose there’s a 4th option -> rent somewhere else.

I’ve learned that any decision in life is a game of pros and cons, of trade-offs. We have a blessed life and all that will really change are some numbers on a page somewhere -> less investments (in the form of a down payment), gaining more equity, lower costs, etc. But ultimately nothing will change too much…we’ll still go biking, drive the same vehicles, we might even be in the same place. Same friends, same church, same work.

So I’m setting up a time to get a number from our landlord. Then we can weigh that out against comparators. Work through the options.

Formula, template.

Copy, paste.

Image courtesy of Surfnet Kids. In case you’re wondering, I picked this because I googled “formula”, and this came up (even though Newton’s formulas are laws…).