Long walks

I just finished up a 4km walk to round out three days of walks. Yesterday was my longest-ever on Strava, almost 14km and the day before I’ve already talked about out at 13.5km. Whether these can be considered ‘hikes’ or walks really doesn’t matter, what matters is the time spent outside doing something physical.

While it might not be going to the gym, or biking, or even running, it’s something. And as I’ve talked about before, something is certainly better than nothing. Much like this blog post. I have all of about ten minutes before I need to close down the laptop and head to work. I could spend that time scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, but instead I decided to crack this open. Normally I do it in Word and then spit it into here, but this time I went right for it.

It’s something.

I listened to an interview on Atomic Habits author James Clear and he talked about the 2% rule. If you want to do Yoga everyday for thirty minutes, don’t start by doing Yoga everyday for thirty minutes. Instead, pull your Yoga mat out and then fold it back up and put it away. He talks about some guy who would drive to to the gym, walk in, walk back out and drive home. He lost almost a hundred pounds.

So with that, I’ve started doing a pushup set everyday. Right before bed. I put it in my HabitShare app, and I’ve successfully done it two days in a row. 30 pushups each time. Fast forward a year and I wonder what it will look like. A year from now I wish I would have started a year ago.

Look at my Running Club, or my Bible Thumpers (Biking Club). We aren’t out there running or biking everyday, we run 3x a week and we bike 3x a week (sometimes 4). It’s enough that it’s something, without being so much that it becomes nothing (overwhelmed exhausted).

It’s sustainable.

And now I actually get excited to go running without it feeling like a chore. And I CANNOT WAIT until my little boy is six months old – just two weeks away – so I can start pulling him behind me in the chariot. That said, he is growing up quick, so I need to slow it down.

Funny, I just looked at the time and it only took me 3 minutes to type this. Per my 5AM Club I always give myself 20 minutes to ‘journal’. It’s almost like time slows down when you decide to slow down a bit.

I definitely want to do that with my loved ones.

Time for a nice stroll with the family later, me thinks.

Nice cherry blossom in Sydney, BC