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Why is when I try to save a Word Document it defaults to the “One Drive”?

I’m nervous it’ll disappear into the cloud, just to be rained out in the form of tears as I re-type all of this.

Maybe the auto-save works? Doesn’t matter, I hit ctrl-s after ever line.

Oh, our new Breville Café Roma Heat light just extinguished. Brb.

Onto cup two of coffee. I’m trying to join the 5AM club. I’ve been trying to join for the past month, since I started attending the “Small Disciplines, Big Results” Small Group with my local church. Affectionately knows as “Habits” for some of us. Why do we always try to make things shorter? Even babe we turn into bae (see more about that in the caption on the “about” page).

Kettle finished boiling, now I have an Americano.

The leaders and some of the members of this “life group” are members of the 5AM club. It appears this gets shortened to “5AC”, according to this other WordPress blog. That actually saves 5 letters, six characters if you include the space. Anyways, you can read more about it there, but basically you wake up early and carve out time to MOVE, REFLECT and GROW. It’s from Robin Sharma’s “Own Your Morning – Elevate your Life”. That middle one is what I’m doing here, journaling.

And Pens are so 1827. At least, fountain pens are (just Googled that fact). Which I do own two of, for the record. Thanks Mat for the Christmas gift. I just need to add a refill to this years’ list.

So instead of cramping up my hand up in the lost art of writing, I choose to hammer away at my keyboard. That’s right, I have one of those.

I don’t put a ton of weight into stereotypes. I do believe it can be a way our minds categorize things for efficient information recalling (I probably gleaned that from some surface-level news story covering a detailed academic article). I also believe they can be dangerous, like anything taken to the extreme.

Here I just want to poke a little fun, and it was a catchy title. I bounced the name “Boomer in a Millenial’s Body” off my sister and her response was “that’s hilarious”. So with that in-depth marketing research complete (conducted on November 26th, 2020), I kicked this thing off just over two months later.

But I got the title backwards. Such a boomer move.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll write a book. I’ll name the print copy “Millennial in a Boomer’s Body”, and the audiobook “Boomer in a Millennial’s Body”. Appeal to the demographics.

Until then, this is a blog called Millennial in a Boomer’s Body.

Coffee #1