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Fantasy Football

*CFL, Fantasy Football. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but a few years ago I started a CFL Fantasy Football League. At first, it was my buddy Steve and I, and gradually it grew to upwards of 17 players. 16, this year. I’d have to take a look at the trophy I picked… Continue reading Fantasy Football

Phoenix, Part 2

My last blog post got interrupted, but I wanted to write down all the things that happened on this crazy ‘babymoon’. It all started last Tuesday when we were flying out. Originally, we were leaving Wednesday, but switched it to Tuesday because the flight loads looked better. But Tuesday turned into a crazy busy day.… Continue reading Phoenix, Part 2

Phoenix, Part 1

This time I’m in Phoenix, coming back home tomorrow. Another vacation, this one being our actual anniversary (a couple days ago). We have two other couples with us, which I mentioned in a previous post. So it’s been a great time down here. This time, it’s almost like the two vacations are too close together.… Continue reading Phoenix, Part 1

Conditions are Waived!

This morning we officially removed conditions on the house we are buying. In my blog post from May 20th, I talked about buying a house. The title of that blog post was ‘motion’, and I talked about the importance of creating it. At the time, we were looking at either the house we were renting… Continue reading Conditions are Waived!


Ironically, as I write this, my laptop is unplugged on a flight from Saskatoon to Calgary. This topic came to my mind as I prepare to travel to Cancun tomorrow morning with my wife. My Pastor said it well – I need to unplug and just reset myself. I’m feeling the COVID fatigue, after 18… Continue reading Unplug

My first marathon

My first marathon. I just finished my first full marathon on Sunday. 42.2km, for anyone who didn’t know. It was an experience. I’ve done two half marathons, about 5 years apart, with the latest being last year. This full is likely the most I’ve trained for a run in my life, with my running club… Continue reading My first marathon

5AC is BAC

K. I know that’s another use of a terrible acronym by a millennial. Or another shortened word (see ‘bae’ instead of ‘babe’ in my about section). But I woke up this morning at 450AM, hit the snooze button, and then rose at 455AM. I walked to the living room hearing the reassuring sound of the… Continue reading 5AC is BAC

Pat Leave

As I write this, my soon-to-be one-year-old is chirping away beside me at the kitchen table. He’s munching on some Puffs. Peach flavour, to be exact. While I sip on some tea. Earl Grey, to be exact. Quite side-note. Every notice how sometimes ‘grey’ is spelled ‘gray’. Apparently, ‘grey’ is more common in British English… Continue reading Pat Leave

Pros and Cons

We have a split in the road ahead. To the left, a $370,000 fix-er-up. To the right, a $470,000 finished home. Which way to go? Time to make a list. We’ve done this before. My wife and I sold a townhouse and moved into Calgary and we had to decide between a two bedroom condo… Continue reading Pros and Cons

Righting the Ship

The act of reversing a capsized vessel is called righting. This title came to mind when I opened this document and started typing because it came on the heels of ‘catching up’ in my HabitShare app. I’ve lost some discipline in that app, and the habits that I track in there. Overall I’m sitting around… Continue reading Righting the Ship


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