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Pros and Cons

We have a split in the road ahead. To the left, a $370,000 fix-er-up. To the right, a $470,000 finished home. Which way to go? Time to make a list. We’ve done this before. My wife and I sold a townhouse and moved into Calgary and we had to decide between a two bedroom condo… Continue reading Pros and Cons

Righting the Ship

The act of reversing a capsized vessel is called righting. This title came to mind when I opened this document and started typing because it came on the heels of ‘catching up’ in my HabitShare app. I’ve lost some discipline in that app, and the habits that I track in there. Overall I’m sitting around… Continue reading Righting the Ship


My Pastor has explained the importance of creating motion. Once you are moving, it’s easier to be redirected. And right now, I feel like we are in motion. My last blog post I was talking about our new tent camper, and how we’ve had to figure a few different things out. One of them, last… Continue reading Motion

1994 Bonair 1050

1994 Bonair 1050 Well, just over a month ago (April 10th to be exact) we bought a tent camper. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is something you pull behind your vehicle that ‘pops up’ into a tent trailer. I had to switch ‘car’ to ‘vehicle’ in the last sentence, because after our friends pulled… Continue reading 1994 Bonair 1050


My goal with this blog was to write 5x a week… This is my first blog in May, and looking in my HabitShare app, I only blogged three times in April. Just double that in March. This week, I’m hoping I can get a “green wall”, or hit that 5x a week goal. Starting this… Continue reading Check-in


About a month after we moved into this place, we started hanging pictures around the house. As I sit at my desk in the basement, over my right-hand shoulder is my Aviation Diploma, Business Degree and my recently-awarded Master’s degree. These three are neatly arranged from top to bottom, with the MBA at the top.… Continue reading Loyalty


As I write this my six-month old is just a mere couple feet away crying his face off, lying in his crib. It’s the morning after Night 5 of sleep training and overall it’s going well. It’s actually a pretty straight-forward science. You go through a consistent routine and lay your baby in a crib,… Continue reading Gonzo


Template I find I often try to re-invent the wheel. But I’m slowly learning it’s easier just to develop a template once, a formula, and then reuse it when a similar situation popped up. About a year-and-a-half ago my wife and I came to a crossroads. We needed some change. We had been living in… Continue reading Template

Risk, Part 2

I realize I’ve already done a blog post on Risk. This time though, I’m talking about the board game. More specifically, the Hasbro version, an app you can install on your tablet, phone or computer. And I have it on all three. It’s my guilty pleasure. I’ve never been a big video game player with… Continue reading Risk, Part 2

Long walks

I just finished up a 4km walk to round out three days of walks. Yesterday was my longest-ever on Strava, almost 14km and the day before I’ve already talked about out at 13.5km. Whether these can be considered ‘hikes’ or walks really doesn’t matter, what matters is the time spent outside doing something physical. While… Continue reading Long walks


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