Phoenix, Part 2

My last blog post got interrupted, but I wanted to write down all the things that happened on this crazy ‘babymoon’.

It all started last Tuesday when we were flying out. Originally, we were leaving Wednesday, but switched it to Tuesday because the flight loads looked better. But Tuesday turned into a crazy busy day. My parents drove down to pick up my baby boy, and the wife and I prepared to departed (packing, etc.). We gave our neighbor Sue the tour so she could check on the place, and headed to the airport. We got there just in time!

We land in Phoenix and can’t get ahold of our Turo guy, so we Uber to the hotel where he was going to drop off our Tesla Model X. Then we learn he has bailed, refunding our deposit but not our friends, who rented a Corvette from him. So we spent the night at this hotel in the middle of nowhere, and enjoyed a great steak at Outback Steakhouse.

The net morning we got some time at the pool and a nice breakfast, and Uber’d to our new Turo and picked up our Tesla Model Y. Great car! We got to the airport and picked up our friends, checked into our AirBnB, and hit the road to the basketball game. Phoenix Suns beat the Trailblazers.

First live sporting event of three in a week. Stay tuned.

The next day we have a fantastic breakfast at Snooze, and then pick up our other friends, come home and there’s a burn mark on the porcelain countertop. Apparently they don’t build countertops to withstand heat. Where else are you supposed to put a hair straightener? We take our friends to pick up their ride, another Tesla, this one a Model Y. Great car!

That night we get a tour of the Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory, by a fantastic gentlemen by the name of Glaud. A private tour, just him and the six of us, by donation only. Then we get a great meal at Culinary Dropout.

The next morning is a pool day, and eventually we make it Gilbert again for some Italian at Oreganos. It’s our anniversary day and we spend it cruising around in the Model Y, supercharging it, and replacing the key I managed to snap in half. It was just nice to get out, the two of us, and reflect on the last ten years and what’s next. After the Italian we hit a hilarious comedy show in Chandler, with some ice cream and coffee right before.

Saturday is another relaxing day, with some pool time, and COVID tests. And a nice sunset drive and some pictures from the top of South Mountain (see pic below). Sunday we watch church together and then hit the Cardinals game. Not the most exciting game, to be honest, with Murray (QB) and Hopkins (WR) were out. But I got to see Streveler play, who Bree and I have seen play for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Sporting event #2.

This turned into an all-night event, as we jump in with our friends in the Model S, sending the other friends home in the Model Y. We need to find a charging station and the ladies plan on hitting a Ross. Well, a couple wrong turns later and we run dangerously low on power, but we do manage to find a charging station in a parking lot. It’s slow, but works. We drop the ladies off and drive to the parking lot, only to discover we left the key to the car with the ladies. Unable to star the car, we found a random lady who (correctly) wasn’t willing to give us a ride to our wives, but did (bless her heart) go and get the key for us. Then we made $50 US in the casino. Win!

The next morning we checkout and hit the pool, charge the car, return the car, Uber to the airport with an hour to spare and head home. A delay, another delay, another delay, and we don’t quite get to see our boy before my parents put him down at our house. But we woke up the next day and got some family time together, before I headed up to Edmonton to watch Canada beat Mexico in the World Cup Qualifier (we are now #1 in the standings). Sporting event #3.

Now, back to real life. The vacation was good, but it’s good to be home.

From left to right: Anthony, Bree, me (Tyler), Ryan and his wife Sam. Photo credit Candice, Anthony’s wife.

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