Phoenix, Part 1

This time I’m in Phoenix, coming back home tomorrow. Another vacation, this one being our actual anniversary (a couple days ago). We have two other couples with us, which I mentioned in a previous post. So it’s been a great time down here.

This time, it’s almost like the two vacations are too close together. I like to do something every three months or so, and this one is really just a month-and-a-half apart from our Cancun Trip. Almost by necessity, given the first of the ladies on the trip is due in just over a month, with my wife due a month after that and the final lady on the trip in March. It’s called a “babymoon”, boomers. An excuse for a trip, like a honeymoon, but instead of after a wedding, it’s before the baby (or in our case, the babies) show up. We deserve it, hahaha.

I do miss my little boy and I can’t wait to be united again on Tuesday. I love that he gets time with his grandparents (my parents), and his aunty (my sister). I think it’s good for him, and good for my parents and sister too. That proximity is key. Elijah, my boy, got it when he went to Bree’s parents when we went down to Cancun, and now he’s getting it again on my side. It’s a great opportunity for the experience the previous generation has to impart on the newest generation, and vice-versa.

This trip has been well-rounded and hasn’t been without a couple complications – it’s almost like we had to re-learn how to vacation again. The world has been shut down for the past year-and-a-half, so as it starts to re-open we need to get back into the rhythm of it.

But in the meantime, breakfast!

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