Ironically, as I write this, my laptop is unplugged on a flight from Saskatoon to Calgary. This topic came to my mind as I prepare to travel to Cancun tomorrow morning with my wife. My Pastor said it well – I need to unplug and just reset myself. I’m feeling the COVID fatigue, after 18 months of discipline, social distancing, masks and perhaps the over-riding tension of debates, complexities and navigating how to pass through a rather strange and abnormal time.

And now I’m in Cancun, Mexico. I didn’t have a chance to finish this blog post on above-mentioned from flight, but the next morning we arrived at our resort.

It’s been an amazing trip. The resort has been great, with just 20% occupancy we’ve virtually had the entire place to ourselves. Probably the highlight of the trip was yesterday morning, when my wife and I made it to the beach with our snorkel gear. We’ve snorkeled in Fiji, Thailand, Hawaii, Costa Rica and now in Mexico. Now, in terms of fish and coral, probably the edge would have to go to Hawaii, maybe Thailand, and Fiji closely followed. Costa Rica was underwhelming.

But the cool part with yesterday was how my wife led the charge and went in fearless, and how we took turns doing that and laying on the beach. There was a sweet moment when we were holding hands that I touched her ring finger, pointing out to her that the wedding ring was missing (I know she wasn’t waring it because she’s pregnant). She brought my hand to her necklace, which has the ring on it.

All-in-all, it’s been a good trip and I’ve successfully unplugged. Fantasy Football, even blogging (mind you, I’ve never really been ‘plugged in’ to blogging), church stuff, work for sure. There’s been little bouts of things that have come up – submitting mandatory vaccinations, making sure the small group was available, updating the spreadsheet from last week, using my optimizer (solver) to choose my roster this week, but I’ve been engaged and focused on our time here.

We head back tomorrow!

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