Pat Leave

As I write this, my soon-to-be one-year-old is chirping away beside me at the kitchen table. He’s munching on some Puffs. Peach flavour, to be exact. While I sip on some tea. Earl Grey, to be exact.

Quite side-note. Every notice how sometimes ‘grey’ is spelled ‘gray’. Apparently, ‘grey’ is more common in British English and ‘gray’ more common in American. Hence why I call Earl Grey Earl Grey, and not Early Gray. I’m a “Twinings” guy, and I’ve even been to the original store location in London.  And yes, it does weird me out that Twinings doesn’t have two Ns. But I digress…

What do I want to do on Pat Leave?

I decided to take my 4 weeks here in September, after having a long run of rather good schedules during this COVID time. The flying is starting to pick up, and so is my schedule, so it seemed a good time to take it. And besides, Elijah is walking now and borderline talking, so it’s a fun time.

Swimming lessons. Looks like they have some available every Monday, and that’s what I plan to book off (after my Pat Leave is over). Booked!

Walks. We’ve done a couple already, but I want to enjoy this borderline fall weather and the backyard we have.

Camping. Heading to Banff on Friday, for my marathon.

Coffee dates. Sort of like we’re doing right now, except I have tea and he has a water bottle. And I have my laptop in-front of me.

Wrestling. Changing diapers. Bedtime routine. Just all the things the ‘primary caregiver’ is supposed to do, but my wife’s been doing that while I’ve been flying around the country at work.

Looking forward to making some memories.

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