My Pastor has explained the importance of creating motion. Once you are moving, it’s easier to be redirected. And right now, I feel like we are in motion. My last blog post I was talking about our new tent camper, and how we’ve had to figure a few different things out. One of them, last night (and this morning), was how to work the furnace. We just keep figuring it out.

Sometimes, in the thick of it, it can be a frustrating thing. I don’t like ‘giving up’, but as Pastor Craig Groeschel says, sometimes the way forward is to take a step back. Notice, however, there’s still motion involved. You don’t come to a stop. You can’t redirect something that’s not moving. The key is to just keep chugging along, and pick up different things as you go.

Right now we are thinking about buying the house we’ve been renting. So I approached my landlord, and he suggested we get an appraisal done. And that happened earlier today, and I should get a number early next week. We have a ballpark number we are willing to pay for the house, and I’m really curious to see where it comes in. Problem is, the landlord wants his costs covered – legal, mortgage payout, etc.

But right next door to ours is another house, similar format to ours. Backing into a park, on a cul-de-sac, garage, etc. But much better renovated. And the people in there used to rent the place we are currently in, and the owner is also a pilot with the airline I work for (and I actually flew with him, back in the day). They are planning to move end of summer, and the owner is open to selling that place as well. Which would save us a bunch of reno’s, and having to pay out the mortgage above (I think?).

So all I know is we get that number, and we should have a pretty good sense on if that’s close. Then we need to re-approach our current landlord, and then possibly the neighbor. One step at a time, but it’s clear what direction to go and now I just execute and go through the motions. It’ll be fun to see where we end up for Christmas!

You see, there’s always some sort of crisis that needs solved. Whether it’s dandelions in the backyard, restoring a 1961 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite, fixing up an old tent camper, figuring out what stocks / ETFs / etc. to buy, sorting out a schedule, sticking to a budget, what to eat today, the list goes on and on and on. The key thing is to create a formula, and to not get too overwhelmed, and take it one step at a time (whether that’s forward, or sometimes sideways, and even backwards).

Stay in motion!

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