My goal with this blog was to write 5x a week…

This is my first blog in May, and looking in my HabitShare app, I only blogged three times in April. Just double that in March. This week, I’m hoping I can get a “green wall”, or hit that 5x a week goal.

Starting this morning.

My other habits have been going well. I’ve been clean. My running club is at 74%, and I only missed two days in all of March. Last week I managed to get out 4x, one more than the 3x, including a run with my wife! Devotions, or riding my Bible, is the big winner at 100% and a streak of 155 days. 3 things a day has also been great, at 94%, and a streak of 41 days.

My push-up set sits at 83%, and I have a personal best of 55 pushups! That one and weighing myself – 81% – are closely linked, as I do the latter right after.  Love Bree sits at 97% and I added one more, Walk with Bree, which sits at 100%. The goal is to do a quick 20 minute walk through Nose Creek Park after we put the baby to sleep.

So overall pretty happy with it, but I need to pull the 5AC and this blog numbers up a bit. It’s fair to say I’ve got out of the habit, and it’s time to bring it back in. So here we go!

It will be a good lineup this week. We recently purchased a 1994 Bonair 1050 Tent Camper, which we’ve had to do a couple upgrades to. Well, repairs. The first biggee was one of the corner cables needed replaced – no easy feat. Then, we needed a hitch receiver on the van and learn how to hook-up and pull a trainer. That’s still a work in progress. But then we needed to figure out why the lighting didn’t work, which we traced to a faulty ground. Inflate the tires. It’s a work in progress. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow and in the lead-up to our May Long camping trip this weekend.

On Wednesday, we get the house we are renting appraised and consider a purchase decision. We like the place, and if we can get it for the right price, I think we might. Like my TFSA / RRSP blog, there’s plenty of options, and we want to try to pick the one that makes the most sense. But they’re all good options, and there’s a multiplication starting to happen.

Speaking of – my work savings plan is back, so instead of my humble $500 a month saving plan, I’m starting to put that away per paycheque, and my employer will math it 100% (less tax) in a year’s time. So the savings should start to really ramp up, which is a blessing as we limp ourselves out of this COVID year.

So plenty to talk about this week. I just needed to get a couple down on paper to motivate myself as I get into the week. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of I had to Google whether to use “check-in” or “check in”. Check-in is an adjective or noun, and check in is a verb.

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