My good friend Jesse recommended a podcast where Carrie Nieuwhof interviews Patrick Lencioni. Check it out here.

I did have to Google both of these gentlemen to figure out how to spell their last names. I’m also an avid fan of Pastor Craig Groeschel, and I’ve managed to memorize that spelling. I did just have to add all three to Word’s dictionary thought.

Anyways, Lencioni recently developed a model called the “Six Working Geniuses” and Nieuwhof interviews him about it. Turns out I have the working genius Tenacity and Wonder. Tenacity was no big surprise, and I predicted I would have it (and “Discernment”, which I scored average on). Wonder, however, is a surprise. Mind you, I’ve always been a very curious person (is that the same thing as Wonder?). And I went and took the Working Genius quiz to learn more about myself.

And my wife. And my friend, Jesse.

For Jesse it was also a thanks for the recommend, and it was his birthday (don’t worry,  I got him ice cream and bacon too).

I’ve done plenty of these quizzes in my life. Just look at my LinkedIn profile (see the contact section on this site). I’m a 3 on the Enneagram, with a 4 wing (corrected from a 2 wing after my wife read this). I have a Gold personality, and I’m an INTJ (Rational Strategist) on the Myers-Briggs

So don’t really see Wonder in there.

However, a month has passed and I see where it fits in.

Learning. I enjoy learning.

In fact, I enjoy it so much its become problematic. I like to learn about everything. I’m an analyzer, and this quickly leads to over-analysis, or paralysis-by-analysis. Hence the title of this blog post, “Uncluttered”.

You see, I spend all my time trying to figure something out, but it eventually feels like squeezing blood from a rock. In my last post, I said I’d talk about my approach to investing. If anyone has dabbled into that, you know it’s a complicated world -> TFSAs, RRSPs, Mutual Funds, Indexes, Inflation, EPS, Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, Percentages, Compounding Interest, etc. How much of that should I try to figure out and learn, or should I just go to an Investment Pro and hand them 15% of my gross pay?

Occam’s Razor. The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

Not always, but often.

At the very least, the simplest answer lets me stop the Wonder and be present in my life. My $30,000+ MBA is, perhaps, the pinnacle of my academic learning. The biggest lesson I learned was the value of being concise, and that sometimes less is more. Or with more, you get diminishing returns. I could spend 40 hours a week on a course and get a 89%, or spend the minimum 10 hours a week on a course and get 86%.

I actually tried this with two back-to-back courses (Operations Management and Project Management Governance). The second of which I was going to drop out of because I was feeling burnt out. So I told myself just do it, but do the bare minimum. And I actually got a higher mark (A+ vs. A). Anyways, that’s ultimately what this blog is about. I was at my Habits life group last night and one of the leaders says she writes “a lot”, so she writes “a lot” to get it out and be done with it.

So this is my journal, a place to offload and dump all my inner thoughts.

Picture courtesy of CUInsight

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