Part 2

My attempt at joining the 5AM Club is becoming a bit more structured.

I was listening to a mentor last night and he talked about this fascinating study researchers conducted on office workers. They went to a high-rise and offered everyone on a floor everything you could possibly imagine to become fit -> access to a gym (located inside a building), a personal trainer, workout clothes and even went so far as to negotiate with the bosses / supervisors to provide a paid hour during their workday to go to said gym.

Then, the researchers went one floor higher, and simply asked everyone on that floor to – once a day – go up a flight of stairs and back down (and increase that by one step every day).

Who won?

Fast forward a year. The ones that were one floor higher, with a fraction of the tools, had lost an average of 5 pounds and over 90% had complied with the request (with no ‘reward’, aside from physical fitness). The uptake on the resources on the floor below was dismally low -> less than 5% did it and even then it didn’t last.  


Keep it simple! Once upon a time, I wanted to be a cop and I did a couple ride-alongs. The police department paid cops to take a one hour gym session during their shift, but it was optional. The cop I did a ride-along with explained how it was a “pain in the ***” to drive back to the station, get changed, workout, shower, get changed and go back out again.

But how hard is it to get up from your desk, walk over to the stairwell, go up, go down and back to your desk.

What’s better -> a 45 minute walk everyday, or a 30 minute run once or twice a week.

When I started this 5AM Club (i.e., “5AC”), it was all I could do just to get up out of bed at 5AM. I would often read a devotion, and then go back to sleep. Maybe make it through a cup of coffee, and then back to bed. If I did manage to stay up, I would almost certainly have a nap later in the day.

Fast forward now to just a month later, and I’m slowly starting to get some consistency. Mind you, this AM I hit the snooze 3 times, getting out of bed at 515AM. Spent 5 minutes making a coffee, and then “reading” for 20 minutes. Now, journaling for another 13 (so far). And once this is done, I plan to shovel the sidewalk and driveway.

Just need to get the order -> exercise, journal and read.

All in due time. Sometimes it just starts by getting the reps in, and subtle, gradual growth. I was actually planning to journal about investing but I’ll save that for tomorrow. But as a preview, think of compound interest (or, inversely, paying off a mortgage). It’s that slow climb at the start and then an exponential finish.  

And we’re just getting started!

Photo courtesy of Premium Photo. I picked this because there’s a movie where a character (I believe Ryan Reynolds?) plays a game of chess one move at a time. The board is located in a stairwell, and the character plays it as he walks by at the start and end of his day. Anyways, the study of office workers in a stairwell reminded me of that scene and when I Googled it this showed up.

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