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My first marathon

My first marathon. I just finished my first full marathon on Sunday. 42.2km, for anyone who didn’t know. It was an experience. I’ve done two half marathons, about 5 years apart, with the latest being last year. This full is likely the most I’ve trained for a run in my life, with my running club… Continue reading My first marathon

5AC is BAC

K. I know that’s another use of a terrible acronym by a millennial. Or another shortened word (see ‘bae’ instead of ‘babe’ in my about section). But I woke up this morning at 450AM, hit the snooze button, and then rose at 455AM. I walked to the living room hearing the reassuring sound of the… Continue reading 5AC is BAC

Pat Leave

As I write this, my soon-to-be one-year-old is chirping away beside me at the kitchen table. He’s munching on some Puffs. Peach flavour, to be exact. While I sip on some tea. Earl Grey, to be exact. Quite side-note. Every notice how sometimes ‘grey’ is spelled ‘gray’. Apparently, ‘grey’ is more common in British English… Continue reading Pat Leave