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Fantasy Football

*CFL, Fantasy Football. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it yet, but a few years ago I started a CFL Fantasy Football League. At first, it was my buddy Steve and I, and gradually it grew to upwards of 17 players. 16, this year. I’d have to take a look at the trophy I picked… Continue reading Fantasy Football

Phoenix, Part 2

My last blog post got interrupted, but I wanted to write down all the things that happened on this crazy ‘babymoon’. It all started last Tuesday when we were flying out. Originally, we were leaving Wednesday, but switched it to Tuesday because the flight loads looked better. But Tuesday turned into a crazy busy day.… Continue reading Phoenix, Part 2

Phoenix, Part 1

This time I’m in Phoenix, coming back home tomorrow. Another vacation, this one being our actual anniversary (a couple days ago). We have two other couples with us, which I mentioned in a previous post. So it’s been a great time down here. This time, it’s almost like the two vacations are too close together.… Continue reading Phoenix, Part 1